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Welcome to Radiant World Enterprise!

At Radiant World Enterprise, we specialize in unlocking the potential of self-storage properties. Whether you're looking to invest in this thriving industry, seeking expert guidance through coaching calls, or simply exploring new opportunities, we're here to illuminate your path to success. Founded and primarily run by industry experts Won Yang and Powell Chee, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to thrive in the world of self storage investing.



What We Offer

At Radiant World Enterprise, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our services. Whether you're looking for guidance, financial growth, or exciting opportunities, we're here to partner with you on your journey to success. Explore our services today and experience the difference of a dedicated team working for your benefit.

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Our personalized guidance and professional insights are tailored to foster personal and career growth, providing you with the tools to thrive.


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Explore the boundless potential of our versatile investment solution, carefully curated to align with your unique financial goals and aspirations.


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Dive into a world of exclusive offers and strategic opportunities spanning various industries, designed to help you maximize value and savings.



Hear What Ally has to Say

"Powell is an inspiring individual in the self-storage space, it is not surprising to see what he has achieved in the industry. Powell gave my partner and I the opportunity to be involved in a self-storage deal with him and his team; he is patient, a great communicator, and always willing to answer questions and be present on calls. He is very knowledgeable about self-storage and has a big vision. I have no doubts that he will reach any goal he sets, and I’d highly recommend him to any team or investor in the self-storage space."

Ally Fitzmaurice

Co-Founder, Kalaj Capital


Recent Guest Appearances 

08/17/23  | FEATURED

Investing in Self Storage

Powell shares his wealth of knowledge on achieving financial goals through strategic real estate and business investments.

06/12/23 | FEATURED

Pivoting to Self-Storage

When Powell Chee entered the real estate space, nobody could have predicted the imminent pandemic. But, far from letting this world-altering event derail his aspirations, Powell made it work for him by pivoting to self-storage!

08/17/23 | FEATURED

Real Estate Vs. Self Storage?

Amidst the global challenges of COVID, discover how Powell ventured into the self-storage domain, the role of remote management, and key industry insights.

08/17/23 | FEATURED

Benefits of Self Storage

Powell shares his wealth of knowledge on achieving financial goals through strategic real estate and business investments.

08/17/21 | FEATURED

Shifting from Multifamily

Powell Chee shares his real estate journey, the shift to multi-tenant assets, the vital roles in a syndication team and challenges in commercial lending.

08/17/23 | FEATURED

A New Model to Self Storage

Powell shares insights on self-storage investing, value-add strategies, business management, and achieving financial freedom.


Guiding You from Learning to Investing in Deals

Our coaching program is designed to provide you with a seamless transition from the initial learning phase to the hands-on experience of actively investing in self-storage deals.



The RWE Path

Through Innovative Investments and Expert Coaching, We Lead You Toward Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

We present you with carefully chosen opportunities that match your financial goals and risk tolerance.


Everything You Need To Get Started


Tune in to our YouTube channel, where Powell shares his personal insights on self-storage investing. Gain direct access to expert knowledge, tips, and strategies to enhance your investment portfolio.



Dive into a world of enlightening podcasts, captivating books, and thought-provoking articles that will expand your horizons, ignite your curiosity, and empower your journey of learning and discovery.



Learn about self storage investing with our comprehensive guide for new investors. This concise and informative resource will walk you through the fundamentals of self storage investing.