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Discover our unique approach where we empower investors, unlocking profitable opportunities, securing financial futures, and receiving expert guidance, all initiated by a free coaching consultation today!

Having invested with Powell multiple times, I can confidently say that working with him has been an absolute pleasure. His unwavering commitment to transparency, open communication, and collaborative decision-making sets him apart. I highly recommend Powell to anyone seeking an honest, transparent, and effective real estate professional for successful and rewarding investment ventures.

Eric Upchurch


Why Should You Book a Call With Us?

  • Are you new to investing?
    Radiant World Enterprise has a fresh perspective and is backed by extensive knowledge and an unwavering commitment to securing the best deals, ensuring you're well-positioned for success.

  • Do you have concerns about investing in self storage?
    We tackle this by offering transparent and in-depth access to each investment deal, empowering you with knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. Radiant World Enterprise believes that education is the key to overcoming these challenges.

  • Curious about trust and collaboration?
    Collaborative dynamics and transparent decision-making are essential in any investment journey. Powell Chee's proven track record highlights his ability to cultivate trust and foster collaboration among investors. By partnering with us, you gain access to a network of professionals who prioritize your satisfaction and create an environment of mutual trust.

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Our Investment Criteria

Our app supports a variety of the most popular digital currencies. Choose the one you feel will grow your investments. Download the app right now.


Target IRR


Target Total Returns


Target Ave. Annual Returns




Target Yearly Cash Flow


Purchase Price

How it works

Invest for growth, stay for income

Opportunistic Returns

The fund will capitalize on changing demographic trends, participating in ground-up development projects in areas where there is not enough supply to meet growing demand.


Once the portfolio is stabilized, investors can receive a high-yield, tax-efficient income stream of between 7% and 9% of invested capital

Tax-Efficient Income

Inside the app you will see how much money you have made overtime.

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Why invest in OMNI?

Custom build your portfolio using high-quality deals carefully sourced by our team of experts.

  • You track the performance of every deal in your portfolio.

  • We invest in 15+ states, real estate categories & time horizons.

  • You select deals that align with your liquidity requirements.

  • Our Model

    Buying cryptocurrencies with our app is simple and takes only couple of seconds. This is your time to start investing in your future.

    1. Screen & Pre-Invest

    We pre-invest in the most attractive deals upfront.

    2. Slice & Allocate 

    Each deal is divided into smaller slices investors can add to their portfolio.

    3. Earn & Re-Invest

    You receive earnings on your share, which can be withdrawn or re-invested into new deals.

    What investors are saying

    'It’s true that Powell Chee, Won Yang and Radiant Storage are relatively new in the Self Storage space but that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely knowledgeable and focused on bringing the best deals to their investors. If you know anything about this amazing duo, you know that they are extremely intelligent and were open minded enough to see that shifting gears into Self Storage from Multifamily would be a great move during Covid for many reasons. They run their business professionally and help to educate their investors by giving them in-depth access to each deal. I will continue to partner with Radiant Storage on as many deals as I possibly can''

    Kaygo Haga

    ''I've had the pleasure of investing with Powell on multiple occasions, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. His transparent approach, combined with his ability to work seamlessly within group dynamics, has created an environment of trust and collaboration. Powell's willingness to listen to suggestions and incorporate them into the decision-making process showcases his dedication to investor satisfaction. If you're looking for a reliable, transparent, and attentive real estate professional, I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Powell.''

    Robert Williams

    ''Working with Powell has been a game-changer for my real estate investments. His commitment to transparency and honesty is truly refreshing. I have invested with him multiple times, and each experience has been outstanding. Powell's insights and expertise have consistently yielded profitable results, and his ability to navigate group dynamics ensures a collaborative and supportive investment environment. He genuinely listens to suggestions and incorporates them into the decision-making process. I highly recommend Powell to anyone looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate professional who will go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.''

    Helen Lee

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